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Artistic Training

Javier Padilla offers you an Artistic Training Service as Choreographer & Coach for your Dance Projects.

Contact us to find out about the Training Programs and Creation of Choreographies for Shows and / or Dance Championships.

Professional Dancer


Javier Padilla owns Soloist shows, which he have done for international championships, such as "World Latin Dance Cup" and "Campeonato Mundial de Pasos Libres La Negra Salsa".

As well as Freestyle shows, such as Chacha Show and Pachanga Show.

In couple

Javier Padilla's most established Couple project has been the Same Gender Salsa couple "David y Javi" (Spain-Mexico).

However, Javier Padilla makes Dance Collaborations with other artists on the international scene.

Dance Lessons

  • Online class
  • Face-to-face class
  • Private or Group class
  • Workshops

During his career as a dancer, Javier Padilla has developed a face as a Salsa and Latin Dance Professor, as well as Dance Technique training in general, offering his services for classes in academies, private lessons, and workshops for events.

    • Salsa Footwork & partnerwork / Leading
    • Los Angeles Style
    • New York Style
    • Chacha Footwork & Partnerwork / Leading
    • Pachanga Footwork
    • Men Styling
    • Lady Styling


  • General Dance Techniques.
    • Isolation, Body Movement
    • Turns technique
    • Rhythm, musicality